Connecting Attorneys and LOP Providers
to Help Injured Victims

ABOUT is a premiere searchable network of LOP providers available to attorneys to help find necessary care for injured parties.

Through our platform attorneys can search LOP providers across the nation based on specialty and location (city and/or zip code).

LOP Providers can display their capabilities and locations to attorneys to help these injured victims.

In this connection, our platform offers injured victims access to necessary and convenient treatment options nationwide.

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Attorneys can search for LOP Providers in

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As a successful attorney, you know treatment for your injured clients is extremely important. Sometimes finding the right provider is easy. Oftentimes it is extremely challenging, especially if your client is located in areas away from your central office - in another part of town, city or even state. eases the process in offering your injured victims access to convenient and professional care by and LOP provider. With, you will no longer have to dial-up clinics to determine if they accept LOP.

Simply enter the service your client needs and location, and you will see all the LOP providers available to your client. Now you can find them with ease as a member of the growing list of providers who accept LOP patients.


As a provider that accepts LOP clients, getting in front of attorneys and earning their trust is a major part of your business' success. Competition is very tight and marketing is extremely important. Not all attorneys have the time or interest to be wined, dined and marketed to.

Even more challenging is getting in front of attorneys not in your geographic area that may be looking for you. solves many of these issue as a part of your marketing strategy.

Simply create an account, select all the services you provide and enter your locations. For a low monthly fee, you are now visible to all attorneys in our network looking for a LOP provider for their injured clients.